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Transfer deals – June 2015

Football League clubs can sign players once they play their final game of the season. The Premier League window officially starts on 1 July but clubs can sign players from June.

Out-of-contract players generally move on 1 July, although deals can be confirmed before then.

Clubs can apply for emergency dispensation to sign players, usually a goalkeeper, immediately if they have an injury crisis.

All Premier League, Football League, Scottish Premiership and major European transfers will appear here.

For all the latest rumours, check out the Gossip page and for all the manager ins and outs for June, see the current managers’ list.

10 June

Andre Ayew [Marseille – Swansea City] Free

Kyle Benedictus [Dundee – Raith Rovers] Free

Chris Dagnall [Leyton Orient – Kerala Blasters] Free

Lee Erwin [Motherwell – Leeds] Undisclosed

Charlie Goode [Hendon – Scunthorpe] Free

Alan Martin [Clyde – Hamilton] Free

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