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Matthew 28:18‭-‬20 NIV

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5 Signs You May Be Headed For Heart Trouble
— 5 Signs You May Be Headed For Heart Trouble

As most people know, heart problems can sneak up on you and hit you like a truck when you least expect it. We’ve all heard of instances where seemingly healthy people experienced a sudden heart attack. What’s not as well known is that serious heart problems are often precipitated by warning signs that nobody should ignore. Symptoms of heart trouble can be difficult to identify in just about anyone, but for reasons that are not well understood, the signs and symptoms women experience are often more subtle or difficult to associate with “typical” heart-related symptoms. Here are some signs of heart trouble everyone should watch for, some subtle, some not so much.

1. Chest Pain and Soreness

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Yep, this one may have prompted you to say, “Duh!” and that’s understandable. What’s important in this case is to realize that not all heart-related chest pain is the kind that will send you to your knees clutching your chest. Sometimes it’s a lot less dramatic and may even feel like you simply pulled a chest muscle. Chest pains may not be severe and it’s not uncommon for the pain to spread out into the jaw, neck, shoulder or arm, and those are not the kinds of symptoms you ever want to ignore.
2. Trouble Catching Your Breath

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If you are finding that you are starting to get winded by normal everyday activities that never bothered you before, it could be a sign your heart needs help. Things like climbing a set of stairs or walking the dog. It’s good to try to think back about a year and if you were having a much easier time of it then, it may be a sign that you should talk to your doctor. Another tell-tale sign is getting winded when you lay down. That may not sound like it makes a whole lot of sense, but it’s actually a symptom of a heart valve problem that should be checked out.
3. Flu-like Symptoms

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Yes, this one is probably one of the most commonly mentioned symptoms for about a thousand different medical conditions, but since one of them is potential heart trouble, it is something that should not be brushed off too quickly. One way to separate flu symptoms brought on by heart trouble from other causes is that heart-related flu symptoms will often be noticed after strenuous physical activity.

4. Dizziness

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Feeling lightheaded or a bit woozy can be a sign of a heart valve issue or a serious blockage. You should pay special attention to this symptom especially if you notice that you are experiencing heart palpitations, which may feel a bit like your heart is fluttering. Feeling a bit dizzy right after standing up is another indication that a heart problem could be the culprit.

5. Feeling Tired or Fatigued

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This one is especially true for woman who have reported feeling tired and worn out in the week leading up to a heart attack. Some women also report unusual sleep disturbances that could also be a warning of an impending heart attack.