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5 Signs You May Be Headed For Heart Trouble
— 5 Signs You May Be Headed For Heart Trouble

As most people know, heart problems can sneak up on you and hit you like a truck when you least expect it. We’ve all heard of instances where seemingly healthy people experienced a sudden heart attack. What’s not as well known is that serious heart problems are often precipitated by warning signs that nobody should ignore. Symptoms of heart trouble can be difficult to identify in just about anyone, but for reasons that are not well understood, the signs and symptoms women experience are often more subtle or difficult to associate with “typical” heart-related symptoms. Here are some signs of heart trouble everyone should watch for, some subtle, some not so much.

1. Chest Pain and Soreness

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Yep, this one may have prompted you to say, “Duh!” and that’s understandable. What’s important in this case is to realize that not all heart-related chest pain is the kind that will send you to your knees clutching your chest. Sometimes it’s a lot less dramatic and may even feel like you simply pulled a chest muscle. Chest pains may not be severe and it’s not uncommon for the pain to spread out into the jaw, neck, shoulder or arm, and those are not the kinds of symptoms you ever want to ignore.
2. Trouble Catching Your Breath

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If you are finding that you are starting to get winded by normal everyday activities that never bothered you before, it could be a sign your heart needs help. Things like climbing a set of stairs or walking the dog. It’s good to try to think back about a year and if you were having a much easier time of it then, it may be a sign that you should talk to your doctor. Another tell-tale sign is getting winded when you lay down. That may not sound like it makes a whole lot of sense, but it’s actually a symptom of a heart valve problem that should be checked out.
3. Flu-like Symptoms

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Yes, this one is probably one of the most commonly mentioned symptoms for about a thousand different medical conditions, but since one of them is potential heart trouble, it is something that should not be brushed off too quickly. One way to separate flu symptoms brought on by heart trouble from other causes is that heart-related flu symptoms will often be noticed after strenuous physical activity.

4. Dizziness

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Feeling lightheaded or a bit woozy can be a sign of a heart valve issue or a serious blockage. You should pay special attention to this symptom especially if you notice that you are experiencing heart palpitations, which may feel a bit like your heart is fluttering. Feeling a bit dizzy right after standing up is another indication that a heart problem could be the culprit.

5. Feeling Tired or Fatigued

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This one is especially true for woman who have reported feeling tired and worn out in the week leading up to a heart attack. Some women also report unusual sleep disturbances that could also be a warning of an impending heart attack.

Unbelievable: Treat Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol and Kidney Diseases with Okra Water – Now You Can Make It Yourself (Recipe)
By admin –  February 2, 2016 0

In this article, we are going to introduce you to an amazing plant considered to be one of the most nutritious vegetables of North-East African origin.

Okra, also known as ‘lady’s fingers’, bamia, gumbo, bhendi, or ochro is a truly beneficial flowering plant in the mallow family that originates from North-East Africa. It is cultivated in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions around the world.

The okra pods are low in calories, just 30 calories per 100 g, and an excellent source of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. They are often recommended by nutritionists in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs.

Okra is considered to be very healthy due to its high vitamin C, fiber, and folate content. Moreover, it is also very high in antioxidants and a good source of potassium and calcium.

It is a good source of vitamin A and flavonoid antioxidants such as beta-carotene, xanthin and lutein. These compounds provide an excellent protection from lung and oral cavity cancers and are necessary for good vision, healthy mucus membranes and healthy skin.

The okra pods are also a great source of vitamin C, providing about 36% of the daily-recommended levels.

This plant is highly nutritious containing 30 calories, 21 milligrams of vitamin C, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 7.6 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of protein, 0.1 grams of fat, 80 micrograms of folate, and 60 milligrams of magnesium. What’s also great about it is the fact that it can be consumed throughout the whole year in various ways – fried, stewed or boiled.

Here are some of okra’s health benefits:

It strengthens immunity;
It lowers the amount of glucose absorbed from food;
It is suitable for diabetics;
It lowers cholesterol levels;
It prevents kidney diseases;
It helps with asthma symptoms.
Okra Water Recipe Home  DRINKS
Unbelievable: Treat Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol and Kidney Diseases with Okra Water – Now You Can Make It Yourself (Recipe)

Ingredients needed:

2 fresh okras
a glass of water

This is a very simple recipe. First, cut the heads and tails of the okras and put 2-3 pieces in a glass of fresh water. Let them steep overnight. The following morning, consume the whole glass of water, half an hour before you have your breakfast.

Remember to share the recipe for this incredibly healthy drink with all your friends and family!

Real Madrid ‘ready to accept Arsenal’s Karim Benzema offer to fund Marco Reus transfer’


Karim Benzema could be on the way to Arsenal (Picture: Getty)

Arsenal could be set to have their offer for Karim Benzema accepted – with Real Madrid wanting to use the money to sign Marco Reus, according to reports.

The Gunners apparently made a £31.3million bid to sign Benzema in the last few days, as Arsene Wenger steps up his hunt for a world class striker.

It was originally expected to fail, with Madrid stalling on the idea of selling the Frenchman, but reports in Spain now claim Real are ready to accept it – and spend the cash on a £63m transfer of Marco Reus.

The Borussia Dortmund man is favoured by Rafael Benitez as he can play in any forward position, including as a false nine.

And Madrid believe the £31.3m from Arsenal for Benzema could act as a perfect down payment on Reus, who is ready to…

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SkySports #UltimateLeague


UltimateLeagueCoventry City sit in 15th position in The #UltimateLeague drawn up by SkySports.

The Sky Blues may currently be in League One but rank 15th in the Ultimate League after enjoying sustained top-flight status between 1967/68 to 2000/01 but are now the biggest underachievers among the top 20, sitting 17th in League One, 46 places below their Ultimate League ranking.

Overall, City are the third biggest underachievers with only Portsmouth (50 places below their average finishing position) and Stockport (49 places below their average.)

Liverpool are English football’s top side, according to the Ultimate League table compiled by Sky Sports putting them ahead of current Premier League leaders Chelsea and the rest of the Top 4; Manchester United, Arsenal & Manchester City.

Positions have been calculated from teams’ average season-ending positions over the last 50 years.

Only teams that have appeared in the top four English leagues for at least 15…

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Arsene Wenger insists Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil will stay at the Gunners


Arsene Wenger has dismissed speculation over Mesut Ozil’s future (Picture: Getty Images)

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has insisted Mesut Ozil will stay at the Gunners this summer.

The 26-year-old had been linked with a move to Juventus, with Italian outlets claiming the Serie A champions had made him their priority summer target following the departure of Andrea Pirlo.

But Wenger has dismissed speculation over the German’s future and insisted he will remain an Arsenal player.

‘Ozil is our player,’ the 65-year-old manager said. ‘He will remain our player and he wants to remain our player.

‘It is a big season for him because he had a difficult start last year and in the second part of the season he was very important.’

Ozil is currently with the Arsenal squad in Singapore for the Barlcays Asia trophy (Picture: Getty Images)

Wenger added: ‘He understands the rhythms of English football and he has improved his…

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Eduardo Vargas ‘in talks with Arsenal over £11.3m transfer’


Vargas is on course to win the Copa America golden boot (Picture: AP)

Eduardo Vargas is reportedly in talks with Arsenal over an £11.3million transfer from Napoli.

The 25-year-old, who is currently leading the race for the Copa America golden boot with four goals, is likely to be available once again this summer after Napoli loaned him to QPR last August.

And according to reports in Italy, the Chile international has entered into talks with Arsenal over a permanent move.

Alexis Sanchez is understood to have communicated his desire to team up with his compatriot to Arsene Wenger, with an £11.3m offer likely to be enough to secure his services.

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Arsenal ‘scouting William Carvalho ahead of transfer’


carv Carvalho is reportedly Arsenal’s top target (Picture: Getty)

Arsenal reportedly sent scouts to watch William Carvalho in the final of the European Under-21 tournament for Portugal against Sweden.

The Sporting Lisbon midfielder was on the losing side in the Czech Republic, but the he was named the player of the tournament.

Arsene Wenger has made the 23-year old his top transfer target and sent representatives to watch the defensive midfielder, according to reports.

Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester United were also scouting Carvalho, and are all serious contenders in the race to bring the £19.8million-rated youngster to the Premier League.

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